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lauren + josh’s outdoor wedding | pala mesa resort, fallbrook, california

Josh and Lauren tied the knot over at the lovely Pala Mesa Resort last week! Betsy and I arrived at the resort up in Fallbrook (Betsy’s old stomping grounds!) on a lovely San Diego day, ready to celebrate their love for each other, and hang out with some really great friends and family members. We […]

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  • DJ GarGar - Love ya’ll! Definitely one of my favorite weddings, ever. And I’ll keep saying this until someone can prove me wrong: BEST. PHOTOGRAPHERS. EVER.

  • MItch - Great pictures!

  • Karen Lehman - Fabulous photos!

heather + doug’s outdoor wedding | san diego botanical gardens, encinitas

We were so excited to finally be able to shoot Heather and Doug’s wedding up at the GORGEOUS San Diego Botanic Gardens. Yay! Heather and Doug are the only folks we’ve gotten to know that also love their “Labrachow” (well, they use the term “Chowbrador”). We’ve loved these two right from the start (see their […]

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  • Heather Whitney - Thank you Jeff for an AWESOME blog post! I keep looking at it over and over again :)

mel + tasha’s wedding | serra museum + w hotel, san diego

Melody and Tasha’s big day is finally here! Last year, Courtney Tibbets (After the Engagement), Bethel Nathan (Ceremonies by Bethel), Joe Park (Joe Park Films), and your favorite La Vida Team (that’s us!) got together at a Starbucks to draft out a concept: to gather together a great team of wedding vendors who were willing […]

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  • Marina Thomad - I love these guys!

  • Natasha - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! You two are AMAZING along with all the other vendors that helped make this happen! We were completely aww stricken with how everything turned out. We will forever be grateful for everyone’s generosity and kindness.

  • Stuart Thomas - What an awesome celebration! All the best! :)

  • Melody Dockery-Chleva - I am beyond blown away. The entire process was amazing and we are forever grateful to everyone involved.

carol + joi’s elopement wedding | redwood hollow cottages, la jolla

Carol and Joi took a long journey out from San Antonio, Texas with their “bromaids” Michael and Kevin  to celebrate their marriage last week! We met them all along with Bethel Nathan for the big moment at the Redwood Hollow Cottages in La Jolla for their morning ceremony, which was held at PRECISELY 10:14am (their […]

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  • Dee Gietz - Congratulations!!!! You both look so happy and so much in love. I can’t wait to meet the woman that put that huge smile on Carol’s face.

  • Kevin (bromaid) - Lookin good, girls!! It was so much fun and you two make the perfect couple. The best of everything to you both…ALWAYS!

ashley + justin’s wedding | the french private estate, southern california

Rain, rain, go awaaayyyyyyyy… Remember that weekend when Southern California had its biggest storm in 5 years? You know the one… tons of rain, lots of wind, floods, hurricanes, giant robots with lasers, alien invasions, and a 60% chance of a Sharknado? Yep. That was Ashley and Justin’s wedding day! Thankfully, both Ashley and Justin […]

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  • Jeff - Thank you so much, April! It was so wonderful to meet you and celebrate your awesome kids together. We truly appreciate a wedding day filled with wonderful people… it really makes it so fun for us!

  • Rachel Hilton - Amazing pictures!! Beautiful pictures!! Love you guys!!

  • Margeaux - Love this!
    I was honored to be part of your day!
    Love you two!
    Amazing pics!

  • Derek - Great post you guys! Pleasure to work with you!

    -SOS ENT.

  • Brad - Wonderful photos of a wonderful event. Beautiful job capturing it.

  • Heather Whitney - Oh my gosh, cutest couple – LOVE the whole french quarter/pirate theme thing going on! Love the guys’ scarves and gloves, Ashley is freaking beautiful, and the rain was GREAT luck! I really enjoyed looking through these photos, as always :)

larson family ‘junior’ senior tails dog session | san diego, california

I know that I sound like a bit of a broken record here, but Betsy and I truly love capturing the love between a dog and his favorite humans! Every lick, every “woof” and every funny face from dogs equate to an “I love you” in some way, shape, or form. We love that! Dr. […]

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  • Marian Larson - I’m Greg’s mom and love all of these pictures. I got a sneak peek last week and seeing more of them has been fun. Great photography. Jude is quite the character….loves to smile for photos.

  • Jeff - Thank you so much for the sweet message, Marian! We really enjoyed our time with Sarah, Greg and Jude! He truly is a unique character :)

  • Dane - I love this dog!!! Great colors!

bethany & jason’s newborn family portraits | los angeles, california

Continuing the story of Bethany and Jason (engagement | wedding | maternity), we are so proud to share these images of little Baby N. This little guy joined the world quite a bit earlier than planned, but after lots of special TLC and love, he’s healthy and at home with Mom, Dad and the furry […]

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  • Dane - Cute dog! I photograph looks really fun and the subjects are having a lot of fun! Great work!