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vanessa + adam’s san diego boho wedding | san diego backyard

san diego boho wedding couple angle wings and gypsy steampunkMARRIED and 100% blissful! My good friends Vanessa and Adam, who are part of my neighborhood crowd in University Heights, are ridiculously in love and made it official with their San Diego boho wedding in her mom’s backyard, where they met a few years back. I was so stoked to be there to capture their explosive joy and uncontainable love. san diego boho wedding gypsy bride puts on makeup before her backyard wedding
Vanessa and Adam decided to get ready together, which I always just absolutely adore. gypsy bride helps her groom get ready for their san diego boho weddingsteampunk groom gets ready for his san diego boho wedding in momI love how Vanessa described their vibe…
She was playing the part of gypsy pixie punk rocking goddess and Adam is very suitably a sophisticated garden gnome. Perfection!! 

gypsy punk rock bride puts on corset for her san diego boho wedding on halloweengypsy punk rock bride puts on corset for her san diego boho wedding on halloweenNothing but giggles and joy all day long. These guys are so good like that. You can’t help but smile when you’re in their company. We actually met them on the patio at the hub of the neighborhood, Small Bar, and were instantly smitten with their positivity and warmth. Oh, if those tables could talk… quite the conversations about life, the universe, and everything that have taken place there!gypsy punk rock bride puts on corset for her san diego boho wedding on halloween
Ready for your angel wings, buttercup??! friend holds out angel wings for san diego boho wedding bridesan diego boho wedding bride puts on her DIY angel wingsVanessa chose to create a unique wedding outfit that reflected her personality and brought in a little piece of many people in her life. She collected scarves from friends and family and combined them to create a skirt. Absolutely brilliant and heart-warming! I think that gives you a pretty good idea of the kind of soul she has! san diego boho wedding gypsy bride puts on bell ankletAnd thank goodness Super Woman was on the helpful crew for the day! Naturally, people with big hearts tend to be surrounded by others with big hearts. I like that a lot <3  3 <3 supergirl at halloween wedding cuddles with dog. Adam helped Vanessa with the finishing touch to her ensemble… an aged ear of corn. Seems perfect as corn represents energy to do what is good and the actual good we can do—doing things that are loving and caring toward others. Well, if you know these two, you know that’s how they roll!  couple helps each other get ready for their san diego boho wedding Good work, team!!! girls high five while getting ready for a san diego boho wedding Adam and Vanessa’s amazing custom-created rings that don’t contain stones, but rather petrified wood cut from the same piece. And those herbacious crowns are a perfect creation by Adam, who is a very talented landscape architecthand made wood rings from this san diego boho wedding Speaking of which… that’s how these two met! Adam was re-creating Vanessa’s mom’s backyard. This is the spot where Vanessa would come watch him work every opportunity she had. Seemed like a good spot to mark where this journey first began! couple kisses in the trees and bushes at their san diego boho wedding Surrounded by whimsical scarves and gorgeous plants and greenery—just add a mad-in-love couple and VOILA!! san diego boho wedding couple portraitsbride and groom kiss each other at this san diego boho wedding Oh, Vanessa… you slay me!gypsy san diego boho wedding bride in wings and scarf skirtsan diego boho wedding couple portraits in backyard wedding ceremonysan diego boho wedding portraits in their momGood form, friend!gypsy san diego boho wedding bride leaps like a pixie in her bridal portraits
And what gypsy bohemian wedding would be complete without matching wedding tattoos?!!! Seriously adorbs. matching bride and groom tattoos san diego boho wedding As lovely as Vanessa and Adam are together, it’s not just them. They’re creating a loving blended family and their kiddos are so great! san diego boho wedding couple embrace their blended family children san diego boho wedding couple hug their blended family childrensan diego boho wedding bride teases her teenage daughterWhen you have your wedding on Halloween weekend (and also Vanessa’s birthday!), all the guests are encouraged to wear costumes. YES. YES. YES. I even photographed in a costume!
Two of the three blind mice and one almost blind doctor there 😉 san diego boho wedding on halloween with everyone in costumesVanessa is quite an artistic talent (besides being an awesome masseuse!!). She created a tree of life and hand-made all their programs. So pretty!san diego boho wedding details with handmade DIY tree detailsAnd then this happened… san diego boho wedding halloween costumed guestssan diego boho wedding costumes donald trump and hillary clintonSuch a kick seeing all the creative costumes people donned to come celebrate these two!! san diego boho wedding halloween costume guestssan diego boho wedding guests in costumes for halloweenAnd the two who made it truly legal and official… Eric and Lauren did a great job bringing these two together. officiants for this backyard san diego boho wedding with costumes And it begins…san diego boho wedding ceremony as pixie bride walks up the aislesan diego boho wedding pixie bride greets guests at her backyard ceremonyThese crowns that Adam created smelled SOOOOOOO good! I especially loved the Sage! san diego boho wedding pixie gypsy brides crowns her groom in their backyard wedding ceremonybride is crowned by groom at this san diego boho wedding backyard gypsy weddingYep, this pretty sums these two up! bride and groom share moments in their san diego boho wedding ceremonyAnd this is one of those moments that seriously made me gasp behind my camera. Big big puffy hearts!!!! bride tenderly touches groomclose up of bride and groom grasping each otherbride and groom smile and laugh during their san diego boho wedding gypsy backyard wedding Never stop looking at each other this way, friends. Seriously. bride and groom exchange looks and laughs during their san diego boho wedding ceremonyadam-vanessa-gypsy-bohemian-wedding042Pummeled by loads of potpourri and lost in their own world for a long, beautiful second. This moment makes my heart sing.bride and groom passionately kiss as theyAnd the next moment embracing the kiddos. One big happy family!! mom kisses teenage daughter after her san diego boho wedding ceremonyadam-vanessa-gypsy-bohemian-wedding045And immediately after being announced, just before the sun went down, they danced to Harvest Moon. A perfect end to a beautiful afternoon. wedding couple dance first dance in the backyard at their san diego boho wedding Adam and Vanessa, congratulations! I am so honored to be in your circle of friends. You two share a love that is awesome to witness and share a special joy and love for life with everyone who surrounds you. I love you mucho and wish you a lifetime of wedded gypsy bliss! wedding couple dance first dance in the backyard at their san diego boho wedding To Vanessa and Adam’s friends and family, be sure to sign their gallery guestbook to be the first to know about the image release and print specials. 


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