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stauffer newborn lifestyle portraits | los angeles, california

family snuggles on their bed as they are new parents and sharing the love with each other and their one week old daughter


We’ve been looking forward to the Stauffer’s lifestyle newborn portraits in Los Angeles as we all awaited the arrival of the legendary BOWIE SWAN. Yes, you read that correctly…BOWIE. She made her entrance onto the world stage just two weeks ago and she’s already taken the crowd by storm.

parents stand at the changing station, working together as a team to change daughter

Something that we’ve always loved about Liz and Drew is that they are the ultimate team. In a super epic way. It’s like they’re trying hard to touch the sky and know that they can get there together, standing on each other’s shoulders. You can see it in everything they do!

father looks into the eyes of his one-week old daughter during their newborn lifestyle portraits

The stars look very different today in Drew’s world. He has slipped right into the role of Dad so well and the way that Bowie responds to him is pretty ridiculously sweet. Definitely Daddy’s girl from day one!

daddy joyfully helps feeds one week old daughter

Drew felt inspired to workshop his original musical composition from Bowie’s crying at one point. An instant classic.

new dad sings for his one week old newborn babynew parents smile at each other while their newborn baby sleeps in their arms

We would like to state for the record that these two fans chose Bowie Swan’s name a LONG time ago. In fact, we’ve been on the sworn-to-secrecy list for quite some time. Let me tell you—that was a really, really hard secret to hold on to!! BUT, we take our “McCue Vault” status very seriously…so we learned to contain our enthusiasm.

little baby girl who is just one week old on bear skin rug

The bear skin rug is so awesome and so FURRY! I’m not sure Bowie was that into it and she let us know with a full-lunged WAIL.
Don’t cry my sweet, don’t break my heart.

We are pretty sure Ziggy Stardust would have swooned over this thing!

newborn baby cries and it is real life stuff during newborn lifestyle portraits

Well, a little change of scenery usually works wonders, so time to put on some clothes and shake up your bed as we spent a little time with this new family in the master bedroom.

mom and dad hanging out in their bedroom as they watch their newborn baby sleep

Oh, that sense of wonder we see in our couples in the first week of being new parents… it’s pretty freakin’ awesome as they find their way on the path between the stars. Yep, this is real life and we love it.

little sleeping baby girl in mommom and dad snuggle up and look down at their sleeping beauty baby girl

little newborn baby girl sleeps peacefully in mombaby girl grabs dad

Liz and Drew—never lose your silliness. Pretty, pretty please.

parents share a silly real life naturally candid moment of making faces at each other during their in-home newborn photossweet moment as baby girl smiles up at dad and makes mom smile in the process

Bowie treated Mom and Dad to a little wonder with a giggly smile, which will just fill your heart. No question about it!

dad is giddy as his baby girl smiles up at him

Family snuggles for days. Bowie definitely loves to be loved. She was in her happy place being held and snuggled and quite honestly had no interest in things running any other way. Think she’s going to be one of those kiddos who doesn’t want to miss a thing and loves to be surrounded by activity and people all the time!  

new family snuggles up with their one week old newborn baby daughter

Yeah, she’s sleeping here…

mother tenderly watches her baby daughter in awe and gives her sweet butterfly kisses

For a minute!

little baby girl is bright-eyed and awake during her newborn photo shoot

Until the swaddle kicked in… Lizzie worked with the incredible organization, CASA of Los Angeles, where she saw the amazing wonder of the Ollie Wrap in action with foster children who were otherwise inconsolable. It’s the most awesome swaddle out there. Almost like magic!

mom and dad walk their newborn baby along the waterfront in Marina Del Rey in their modern pram

Liz and Drew were so excited that they receive a pram as a gift, so walking Bowie along the marina in golden rays has quickly become a favorite family activity and the waterfront clearly puts Bowie at ease

family walks dockside in marina del rey with their vista pram which puts their newborn baby to sleep

Gentleness clears the soul. Love cleans the mind and makes it free. So many sweet and tender moments between Mommy and daughter. 

creative overhead picture of new mother cradling the head of her newborn daughter on fur rugbaby girl falls asleep on fur rug as shebaby girl yawns as she begins to fall asleep after being swaddled in her Ollie Wrap


Wake up you sleepy head… 

peaceful beautiful baby girl sleeps during her newborn portraits

Oh, wait, it worked!!

bright blue eyed baby girl looks directly into the camera during her in-home baby photos

Floating in a most peculiar way… 

creative black and white overhead shot of a newborn baby stretching in her sleep during her portrait session in marina del rey

She really is the Prettiest {little} Star! Those eyelashes go on for daaaaaaaaaaaaays.

varied close up detail photos of tiny baby parts like feet, hair, hands, eyelashes

Oh! You Pretty Things
Liz and Drew described the nursery they had been working on for months as shabby chic plus a little rock’n’roll. We just feel in love with it. They’re Disney, Bowie, and elephant fans… and somehow managed to pull that all together into one cohesive theme. Impressive!

pink and grey dream nursery incorporating elephants, David Bowie, Disneyland, chandelier, music, Toms shoes

And of course, family traditions passed on, like Toms shoes and the Andersen’s Fairy Tales classic that’s been in Drew’s family for some time now.

nursing baby tells dad she

Bowie had a strange fascination with Dad’s nose, but really she was just trying to tell us all that modeling is hard work and the talent needed a meal break! This was one of the very last frames of the day and it made us all giggle.

Lizzie and Drew, thank you so much for inviting us to continue your life story!! Bowie Swan is just beautiful and she’s going to be a force to reckon with in this world—you can just feel it 😉 We are so thankful to have you as clients and friends. We always have such a good time with you guys!

mom and dad with their newborn baby daughter in her beautiful dream nursery that is lit by natural light and perfectly decorated with disney, bowie, and elephants

To the friends and family of Lizzie and Drew, be sure to visit their private gallery and sign their guestbook for family photo updates and gallery release. 

***Words shown in italics in this blog post are excerpts from the great, late David Bowie’s original works. They are not our original words or creative property. 

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