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sara + kasey’s engagement | escondido

A boy… a girl… and her pet… SQUIRREL?!? 😀

We got to know Sara from Paige and Dane’s incredible wedding up at Levyland Estates a few years back. Sara did Paige’s hair and makeup that day ( and Paige looked stunning! Since then, we have kept in touch and gotten to know each other, and she is a total sweetheart!! When Sara and Kasey sat down in front of us on our couches to discuss their upcoming wedding at a private ranch out in El Cajon this year, she mentioned a few things that we hadn’t known before. One, Sara often dresses up as Cinderella and other Disney princesses for children who are sick and in the hospital, and two… she happens to have a few dear pet squirrels at their ranch in Escondido. We <3 animal lovers!!

Meet Grippy! He is a happy-go-lucky-kind-of-guy who hangs out in a large hole for most of the day until Sara and Kasey comes by the ranch. When they roll up, Grippy bounces out of the hole and cruises up to his hillside mansion, built by Kasey and decorated by Sara (she’s also a professional interior designer!). She doesn’t mess around when it comes to his furnishings: split-level interior with a loft, framed pictures of his family, an American flag, and Christmas lights around the perimeter. They also just bought him a little decorative chiminea to put on his front porch! So. Great. 😀

It’s actually pretty amazing that Grippy comes right on up to you and will jump on your lap or shoulder if you let him (and you have food, of course)! We started Sara and Kasey’s engagement session with this important family member. 😉

Once Grippy had his fill, he happily hopped back down to his favorite hidey-hole, and we were off on a walkabout around the ranch. Such gorgeous light that day!

These two enjoy spending a lot of time up at the ranch and we instantly saw exactly why that would be. Relaxed, peaceful, and obviously it feeds their souls!

Horsing around on the path up to their ranch. 🙂

LOVE the big squeeeeeeze from Kasey. Sara just looks so happy in her man’s comforting arms! 🙂

No, seriously, is she not adorable? Sara’s a super zesty and fun personality and Kasey loves that about her!

After a bit of a hike through stinging nettles, ginormous holes, and other perilous perils (just kidding…it was super-easy and we had boots), we all found some fun rocks and boulders to play around!

“Look deeeeep into my eyes. Now pop that collar… ohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeaahhhhh.”

Kasey and Sara are perfect for each other because of their perfectly balanced personalities: Sara likes to goof around and be a little silly from time to time, and Kasey provides the down-to-earth manliness that Sara loves. 😀

“My rock!” 🙂


As the light started to fade into the sunset, we had some fun around a natural tree arch and played with some pretty backlighting as well. Thank you, lovely surrounding foothills for this sun-kissed light for a couple in love.

Hey guys! Thanks so much for letting us follow you around for a fun afternoon at the ranch! We would absolutely LOVE to come back soon for a BBQ on that great patio. We’ll bring some meat and beers (and a few little carrots for Grippy, too). 🙂 You both did a great job for your “fashion shoot”, and we can’t wait to see you at the wedding (but BBQ first, yes?)! 🙂

San diego engagement photo

 To Sara and Kasey’s friends and family: Have you signed in to their Pictage Event Page yet? You will be notified as soon as the individual images go live in a few weeks, and you will receive a gift certificate toward your first print purchase!

  • Sara Kilburn - In all the years of working with hundreds of photographers in the industry, I have never found more talented, passionate, fun-loving, brilliant professionals. Betsy and Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for capturing US, the real us, in every way! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Grippy sends his Aunty B and Uncle J his love too!


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