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rainie + travis’ engagement | mini-golf, go karts & crystal pier


We’ve known Rainie and Travis for more than a decade. We first met these guys independently while I (Jeff) was working with Mad Science of San Diego. You heard me right… I LITERALLY used to be a Mad Scientist! The three of us worked with science enrichment instructors that went into elementary schools all throughout San Diego to blow stuff up, make slime, launch rockets and get kids STOKED about science. It was a great time in my life, and I am so happy to have met Rainie and Travis there! On a side note, we all had our scientific nicknames embroidered on our lab coats. Radioactive Rainie, T-Rex Travis and Jurassic Jeff. We rock. 🙂

When Rainie and Travis started dating, it was so clear what path they would eventually take with each other… they are getting married this year and we are so honored to be their wedding photographers! For their engagement session, we knew right away that we had to do something crazysillyfun. Their first date was actually over at Boomers for a night of mini-golf and general wackiness. Sadly, the GoKarts were closed on that particular day, so we were more than happy to get ’em on some karts for this shoot!

We tried to get them in a double car that they could drive together, but Rainie was too darned tall to be a second passenger, which is funny because she is a tiny little thang! I guess those cars are meant for kids. Meh. 🙂

It actually worked out better to be in separate cars because they are both SO TOTALLY COMPETITIVE with each other. Rainie and Travis (much like us) love to give each other grief and throw in a little “trash-talking” whenever possible… be it a game or an activity, they are ALWAYS trying to one-up each other. The cool thing is that no matter who “wins”, they still have a blast in the process. And THAT is why I have always liked these two. 🙂

On to some mini-golf! I think that’s the challenge look! Oh, it’s on…

Rainie knows how to direct her man.

“No sweetheart, you’re aiming too far to the left. A little more. Too far!”

They definitely make a great team.

Rainie’s laugh is totally contagious. She’s the kind of gal who has NO problem throwing her head back and laughing hysterically! We would just tell Trav to whisper something funny in her ear, and within seconds she was in a fit of giggling. Tee hee!

After working out the giggles, we drove down to Crystal Pier for some late-afternoon shots on the beach. Rainie and Travis were so easy to photograph, as they love to live, laugh and love together. They are the EXACT reason why Betsy and I got into this career… capturing couples in their most natural state of being and documenting their love.

Surprisingly, no one ended up getting dunked in the ocean during their session. If you know these two, you know exactly what we’re talkin’ ’bout!! 😉

Hey Radioactive Rainie and T-Rex Travis…

We love you guys. Always have and always will! Thanks so much for your friendship over the years as well as for your decision to invest in our talents. We are so happy for the both of you and can’t wait for the big day! I think the four of us need to go back to Luigi’s sometime soon for some more ginormous slices of pizza. You down? 🙂

To Rainie and Travis’ friends and family: Have you signed in to their Pictage Event Page yet? You will be notified as soon as the individual images go live in a few weeks, and you will receive a gift certificate toward your first print purchase!

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