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margaret + sandy’s vintage wedding | lafayette hotel & swim club, north park


Two fabulous women tied the knot and were surrounded by the most supportive crowd of friends and family. We were fortunate enough to be there for their vintage wedding at the charming Lafayette Hotel Swim Club and Bungalows {definitely an institution in University Heights/North Park!}.


Margaret and Sandy were so excited to see each other and get their day together started! We were so happy they wanted to do a First Look so that they had some private time together and could enjoy more time with their guests later in the day during cocktail hour. Yay!

Love that first moment as they turned towards each other. And this next one too… GAH! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding004margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding005margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding006

And of course, gotta take that opportunity to check out each other’s amazing gowns.

Margaret and Sandy really did take this time for themselves and that involved the full range of emotions from total awe to total giddiness.

Just gorgeous, ladies!! Their joy and excitement for the day was contagious! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding011margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding012


We so totally enjoyed the fact that they can be so sweet and tender with one another, then one second late, they bust out in their own little dance party. Yup. Just about perfect 🙂  margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding014margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding015

We even had a little time with the two of them to hit a couple of other spots around the historic Lafayette, including the Red Fox Room… dark and classic piano bar and steakhouse. No time for martinis this time, but definitely a great spot for a little nostalgia of previous eras! The bartendress was so sweet about letting us shoot in there and gave the happy couple an excited and hearty congratulations. <3margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding016margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding017

The Conservatory at the Lafayette is so cheery and charming! Margaret and Sandy had their gorgeous florals done by Annette Gomez. Love the peonies, roses, and protea magically mixed together! Oh, and in case you missed their engagement session, Jenga is a big part of their lives, so they used a set as a sign-in item for guests. Brill! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding018

Ceremony time!! It’s so cool when our couples make their entrance together. And this was their vision with the set up at the Lafayette to both appear out of each entrance. So neat! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding020

But little did Margaret know that her partner in crime, Sandy, had a little surprise planned for her to release a bit of that nervous energy going into the ceremony. They planned to meet at the aisle before walking down together and then the music started up for “Think I’m Gonna Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Think it took Margaret a few seconds to actually figure out what the hell was going on, but then she just giggled like crazy. So good!! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding021margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding022

And Sandy enlisted their nieces and nephews to help with some visuals. Good job, team! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding023margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding024

And the crowd went wild!


“LET’S DO THIS!!”margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding027margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding028margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding029margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding030

As always, Bethel of Ceremonies by Bethel, totally embraced their energy and reminded everyone how much of a celebration this is. We just love her marriage ceremonies! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding041

Margaret and Sandy had several friends and family members help them tie the knot with each ribbon representing a unique aspect or quality of their relationship. margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding031


Did it!! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding034

Bethel keeps their vows a surprise for one another, so it’s always fun to see how these unfold…

And this one gave everyone a good laugh as Sandy promised to always be Margaret’s kitchen dancing partner. We shared a little of that in their engagement session too. How great are these two?! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding037margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding038margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding039

So many happy loving faces out in the crowd. Love. Love. Love. margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding040

Ring exchange with a little humidity challenge thrown in there. Well, that’s May Gray in San Diego… Of course, they took it in stride and just laughed a little more!

MARRIED!!!! HOORAY!! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding043

Of course, in order to make it truly official, the license has to be signed, so we followed them over to the quaint library at the Lafayette where they made that happen. Naturally, we wanted to get a few moments of that post-ceremony glow we just adore. Those precious moments when it all sinks in and becomes reality. There’s nothing like it! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding044margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding045margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding046

As we mentioned earlier, Margaret and Sandy wanted to do as much photography up front so that they could enjoy as much time as possible with the most important people in their lives. Right after the license signing, they made a grand entrance to their cocktail hour where guests were enjoying drinks and playing life-size Jenga, Cornhole, and Ping Pong. Fun and celebration was definitely the theme of the day!  margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding047

You know what was extra awesome? The fact that so many of their guests embraced their vintage vibe and dressed the part. Serious brownie points! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding072

Embracing the vintage-y goodness and history of the Lafayette as a celebration of Hollywood glamour, each table was named for a classic actor of the era. Everything came together so fabulously! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding071

More moments like this in life. Love. Laughter. All your favorite people. A whole lot of YES to all of that!


As we were sitting on the patio enjoying dinner, Jeff spotted this quiet little moment taking place as they just slipped away and shared an unscripted dance together. I think this goes hand in hand with kitchen dancing. {Editor’s note: Cheers to our couple and the Lafayette for a delicious dinner. That roast chicken with pork belly was to die for!}margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding053

Cake-cutting started off pretty much by the record… And then Margaret did a little improvising, shall we say. These two always seem to sharing some great laughs together, no matter what they’re doing! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding054

First dance time! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding055

And then the flash mob joined in! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding056margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding057margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding058margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding059

WHOOP! WHOOP!! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding060

Flash mob morphed into a conga line. Seriously, this crowd knows how to have some fun. margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding061

It doesn’t always happen, but can we talk about how much we LOOOOOOOOVE it when our couples are on the dance floor cutting it up with each other all night? These two were side-by-side all night—they are such a team!

And then we saw a little 80s revival with the worm and even a little modern take on the running man ;Pmargaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding063

Margaret and Sandy were fully prepared for one hell of a dance party, so they planned an outfit change so that they could dance the night away in cute, comfy clothes. SO SMART! And dance, they did indeed!! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding065

So there was a little So Cal/NorCal {friendly} rivalry going on which resulted in a dance off. Apparently, NorCal wasn’t quite ready to give Sandy up, but eventually Margaret and the So Cal side won her over. And here they revel in their victory—LOL. margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding066

When you’re a jet, you’re a jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day…
We were definitely feeling a little West Side Story dance off moment here. Teehee! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding070

Dear Margaret and Sandy—thank you so very much for trusting us to be there and tell your story during this amazing chapter of life. We have absolutely cherished getting to know you two and can’t wait to catch up over killer corndogs sometime soon. You are an inspirational duo who will always remind us to stop, laugh, and kitchen dance more often in life. Congratulations! margaret-sandy-la-fayette-swim-club-north-park-wedding064

Friends and family of the happy couple: be sure to sign their private gallery guestbook to keep up to date on image release and print specials! The images will be online in the next 3-4 weeks, but those who log in now will be among the first to know! 

Margaret and Sandy’s wedding team:
Photography: La Vida Creations Photography
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Lafayette
Catering: The Lafayette
Officiant: Ceremonies by Bethel
Florals: Flowers by Annette Gomez
Margaret’s Hair: Tiffany Nelson-Nixon at Salon Bordeaux
Sandy’s Hair: Valerie and DK Hair
Margaret & Sandy’s Makeup: Ashley Lemaster at Salon Bordeaux
Margaret’s gown: BHLDN
Sandy’s gown: Nieman Marcus
Day-of-Coordinator: friend of the couple, Heidi Callahn
Cake Artist: CAKE
DJ/Violinist: Jennifer “Spags” Spingola


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