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What an awesome day.

We decided that we needed to take a time-out from our lives to go and romp around at Fiesta Island with our best friend Mace. He’s been so patient with us lately, as we have had a lot of things on our plate getting ready for wedding season. He totally deserved to take a trip out to the bay for some sunshine, flowers and the ocean! Best of all, we just bought a new lens this morning: the Nikon 50mm f/1.4. Our good friends at Nelson Photo in Little Italy ordered this for us 2 months ago… Needless to say, we were really anxious to try it out! So we strapped on our cameras and shot only with that one new lens (a great exercise, by the way) and the verdict: WE LOVE IT! 🙂


Time to run through the freshly bloomed flowers! I chased Macers all over the meadows in the middle of the island. Talk about a really good test for how a lens performs: focus on a FAST moving object!




OK! More flowers dad! 🙂


We of course had to go to the bayside. I think that Mace would have a conniption fit if we went to Fiesta and never went in the smelly water.


We were so excited to have a day to ourselves. Sometimes we all get wrapped up in our jobs, our priorities and our commitments. Slowing down for a day is a GOOD THING… time to reset and get grounded. I’d like to offer everyone I know this fabulous quote from a very wise young man:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

– Ferris Bueller


  • ohana photographers - david & kimi - YAY!!! mace windu, but where is his light saber? haha! love love love the ones running toward the camera through the flowers!

  • Melissa - Have to say that these images of Mace are beautiful and awesome! What a gorgeous day! Why do I live in NYC????? Can’t wait to see you two or should I say three on Sunday….Great stuff!!!!

  • Fiona - Jeff and Betsy – Great shots – love seeing both Mace and Jeff moving quickly in the meadow;-) Great day to goof off and work!!!! Your passion for your photography shows up in everything that you do.

  • Deven P Brawley - Mace – you lucky puppers. Not only did you get to hang with the coolest people I personally know, but look at all those fabulous pictures you can send home!

    Uncle D

    Jeff & Betsy – You two rock…I am super jealous of what looks like a day of you two getting to truly relax. Great shots…

    So that new lens will be amazing for the already wonderful work you do for d’shire dance!

    Love it, love it…I want a Uncle D wants one of these fun photos of his pooch kid!


  • Stephen Knuth - Mace is such a cute puppy…I have a puppy, so I tend to call most dogs puppy. Just comes natural. haha.

    Looks like you had a blast! I love the images you pulled from that, cant say the “N–kon” word lens. Sorry, im too branded to Canon! 🙂

    I love the shots of Mace catching the ball & the water stop motion is great too.

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