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lynn + bill’s engagement session | mission trails & balboa park

Another couple who love their dogs! 🙂

As most of you know, we are huge fans of couples with furry children. We love our pup (Mace Windu, if you didn’t know his name), and we are always so pleased when our La Vida Couples choose to include their best friends in their engagement session. Lynn and Bill are close friends with Amanda and Nate, whose wedding we photographed last June. We met up with Lynn and Bill over at their home to meet the furry family before heading off to their favorite spot to hike in Mission Trails!

I love the PURE CANINE JOY on Sadie’s face! She and Dakota happily trotted along with Lynn and Bill as we photographed. So good-natured and friendly! Their collars are actually equipped with a remote-controlled “pager” system that vibrates a little bit to get their attention when you press a button. Um, think we could come up with some uses for that. Brilliant!

Lynn and Bill hike up here quite a bit. When we first started to discuss locations for their session, we mentioned that hiking would be a fun activity to include… Lynn told me that they were actually on their way to Mission Trails while we were on the phone, so it made PERFECT sense! Betsy and I are used to moving around a lot during a session, but this was GREAT exercise that day! 🙂

SOOOOOO very in love. The way that Bill looks at Lynn and the way Lynn talks about Bill is so endearing. Love is awesome. 🙂

Seriously, don’t these two just make you SMILE?!

It was so peaceful and quiet on our journey through Mission Trails! Beautiful scenery. No city noise. Fresh air (which takes some getting use to!). Loved it.
And what is really cool about this part of the hike is that the entrance is about a 3 minute drive from their house. Not bad for a backyard, eh?

Dakota’s got a little Chow-Chow like our pal Mace—who can resist a curly tail shadow? 🙂

When they are not having fun playing with the pooches, Lynn and Bill have always enjoyed having a nice glass of wine and conversation over at the Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park. Since they work very close to the Prado, it makes for a perfect wind-down to a long day.

The facial expressions they give each other are classic! Bill really knows how to make his girl smile!

As the light escaped for the evening, we wandered over to the Naval Hospital (where they both work) for a few more fun shots. Lynn and Bill actually met MANY times before they realized how perfect they were for each other.
We love their story and how Bill just started with a friendly wave and a “hi” every day their paths crossed in the parking lot there. That turned into friendship. That friendship eventually grew into a deep love. Seriously, these two just warm our hearts!!

We definitely needed to incorporate Bill’s HAWT jet-black ‘Vette. When Lynn first realized that Bill owned a Corvette, she thought to herself: “Oh…. he’s one of THOSE kind of doctors…” She realized VERY quickly that Bill just liked to have a cool toy to play with on the weekends… the Corvette definitely does not define his caring and generous personality. 🙂

OK. This next image definitely requires a little explanation and ties back into their engagement story, which is definitely one that goes down in the books. 🙂

Bill and Lynn headed up to Big Bear for a weekend getaway and their first “pet” vacation with the furry kids. Secretly Bill had been plotting to propose to Lynn during a lovely sunset hike had planned for them. They climbed up to the perfect vista point and sat down to enjoy the turning colors while Lynn enjoyed her Slurpee. Just then, another couple approaches, they strike up a conversation with Lynn. Great chatting takes place, the sunset slips by unappreciated and barely noticed. Bill couldn’t really bring the conversation to a halt and he certainly didn’t want to share their private engagement session with other people. FOILED. You know that ring was just burning a hole in Bill’s pocket!

After heading back to the cabin to enjoy the rest of the evening, they strike up a game of pool. Bill wins. Lynn asks him, ‘so what do you want’? He told her he wanted her to MARRY him. Well-played, Bill, well-played.

Their blissful weekend is winding down and they realize there’s still a bunch of firewood, so why not enjoy one more cozy fire in the fireplace, a nice glass of vino and a soak in the jacuzzi on the deck. Sounds like heaven, right?

‘Heaven’ quickly took a turn SOUTH… Bill had stacked ALL the wood in the fireplace and while they were out in the jacuzzi, that fire got crankin’!! Next thing they know, fire alarms are going off, the glass fireplace door shatters into a million pieces, they’re scrambling for a fire extinguisher, and when the foam settled, they had QUITE the mess to clean up. Not exactly a relaxing ending to your engagement weekend, right? It was a huge mess, but they didn’t let that chaos overcome their excitement about spending the rest of their lives together. All they could do was laugh about it and just vow that Bill is not allowed to build anymore fires 😉 Quick side-story… Apparently, Lynn attended another wedding some time ago where one of the other guests leaned over a candle and set himself on fire. WHAT?!? I think that Betsy and I better be on our toes for their wedding… these two have a weird thing going with the fire gods. 😀

So with these two stories, we had to end our session together with a bang: Bill brought out a fire extinguisher and fired it up in the sky for us. SO COOL! We were dying with laughter as we were all covered in that stuff, but TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. We hope this helps even the score with the fire gods, you two!

Lynn and Bill, you are a couple after our own hearts… dogs, wine, funny stories… we love you guys. 🙂 Can’t wait to photograph the big day at Los Willows!

To Lynn and Bill’s friends and family: Have you signed in to their Pictage Event Page yet? You will be notified as soon as the individual images go live in a few weeks, and you will receive a gift certificate toward your first print purchase!

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