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lori + keith’s wedding | la jolla bridge club

Good friends…good times! 😀

Keith and I go way back. Back to the days of good ol’ UCSD and Delta Tau Delta. I first met Keith when he and a few of our other friends were living right below me in Matthews apartments on the UCSD campus. They managed to get away with EVERYTHING since our RA was so focused on breaking up MY parties. AND THEY HAD A FREAKIN’ DRUM KIT! Not. Fair.

We’ve traveled together, cooked together, played OTL together… it’s been a long-lasting friendship! Betsy and I met Lori a few years ago, and we all hit it off famously. 🙂 You can check out the fun we had over at PetCo Park for their engagement session here.

We are so happy for our friends Keith and Lori, and we were honored that they chose us to be their photographers for the big day in La Jolla!

What’s up glowing bride? 🙂 Lori looked so happy and SO stunning on her wedding day! We love how her eyes light up when she smiles.

I LOVE Betsy’s shot of Lori’s dress right next to their daughter Addison’s dress. So cute!

And speaking of Addison… here she is! Addy has such a cute little personality! We’ve had fun with her every time Keith and Lori have come over to hang out. She is absolutely fascinated by our ceiling fans, as well as our dog Mace Windu. Gee, I wonder where she got the dog fascination? Could be from her talented emergency veterinarian daddy. 😛

Mommy and daughter’s shoes too! And beautiful tropical bouquet. Lovely!

What a view to have while you’re getting ready for your big day, eh?

I loved that Keith needed a mirror and our mutual friend Roger whipped out his iPhone, reversed the video camera, and held it for him. Clever!

Keith was AMPED for the First Look! We found a nice little alcove away from the busy beach streets of La Jolla. Lori giggled the entire time she approached her husband-to-be. It was great!

Great-lookin’ couple!

The La Jolla Bridge Club is a very unique venue for a wedding… really cool views, lots of trees and greenery, and a very cute indoor reception area. What also made this day cool for us (other than seeing all of our college friends) was the opportunity to work with one of our great wedding industry friends as well! Some of you may remember Meaghan Schmaltz with Weddings Made Splendid from her half-day session with us a while back. Meaghan is a fantastic wedding coordinator, planner and designer! She was so helpful to us throughout the day and we loved working with her. 🙂

Daddy’s little girl, Daddy’s mom and Daddy’s grandma…all so excited for the big day!

LOVE the proud look from Lori’s dad! So sweet. Those are always some really special moments right before the ceremony.

These two just laughed and giggled with giddiness as they met each other at the end of the aisle. So great!

Just gotta give it a little “tappy-tap”…

Gotta love how Keith looked over at his bride right as they were announced!

Happy happy joy joy!

Down to the rocks for some fun bridal party shots! It was cool to have everyone playing around down there amidst all the tourists, who did a great job of respecting our space while we had some fun.

The dances were awesome too! Everyone was looking on while the happy couple did their thang.

Again with that proud look from Lori’s dad! He was having a BLAST on her baby girl’s big day!

We’ve met Geneva (Keith’s mom) on several occasions. She is one cool lady, that one. 🙂
And she and Keith share a very special bond, as you can see.

Awwwww… SPLAT!

Lori’s eyes are saying: “Careful… caaaaareful…WATCH IT MISTER!” 😛

The bouquet and garter tosses were seriously competitive. Get it, girl!!!

Tony, Jin, Roger and Randy… BRING IT ON!

Keith and Lori:

We are, and always will be, so proud of you both. Addy is an amazing little girl, and you guys have a beautiful family. We are honored to be your friends as well as your photographers. Thank you so much for entrusting us with your precious memories, and thank you for your many years of friendship! We love all three of you. 🙂

Now when are we heading up to Paso Robles?!? 😉

To Lori and Keith’s friends and family: sign in to their Pictage Wedding Event Page… you will be notified as soon as the rest of the individual images go live, and you will receive a gift certificate toward your first print purchase!

Lori and Keith’s fantastic vendors:
Photographers: La Vida Creations Photography
Ceremony Venue:
La Jolla Bridge Club
Reception Venue: La Jolla Bridge Club
Catering: The French Gourmet
Hair: Mayday Hair and Massage

Florist: Flowerchild
DJ: Injoy
Wedding Coordinator: Meaghan Schmaltz with Weddings Made Splendid
The French Gourmet
Lori’s Gown: Priscilla of Boston

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