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kelly + matthew’s tandem bike riding engagement photos | mission beach, san diego

engaged couple snuggles in front of the belmont roller coaster in mission beach

Kelly and Matthew: Friends, lovers, brewers. 😀

For those of you who don’t know, I (Jeff) have been working part-time with The Homebrewer and Home Brewing Co. in North Park for about 1 1/2 years now, flexing my beer brain muscles and knowledge.

It’s such a rad spot where homebrewers (and professional brewers) come to purchase ingredients, create recipes, and discuss the finer points of brewing that magical elixir: beer. Kelly started working there a few months before I started, and we became friends as I would go into the shop for grains, hops, and yeast before I started working. She is always so incredibly friendly and knowledgable! Whether you are a novice or expert brewer, she has the answers for you. 🙂

So, we were super stoked to hear that she and her awesome partner in beer and life, Matthew, were engaged. We were even more stoked when we got together with them at BLAH (Blind Lady Ale House) when they invited us to document their wedding. And, don’t EVEN get us started on the level of extreme stokeditude (yes, that is a word in Southern California!) when we started talking about cruising their bicycle made for two around their beach neighborhoods of Mission Beach/Pacific Beach for their tandem bike engagement photos. HOW MUCH FUN IS THIS?!

tandem bike riding couple along boardwalk in their san diego engagement photos man looks over his shoulder at his fiancé while riding tandem bike in san diego

Even with summer crowds, these two seriously made this look easy. Guess that’s what a good team does!engaged couple snuggles along the boardwalk wall in mission beach engagement photos

I’m pretty sure that turning that bad boy around on the boardwalk with skaters, bikers, joggers, strollers, and everything else you can imagine whizzing past earned them a little breather on the seawall. Engaged couple sits along the boardwalk wall at mission beach in san diego
On to less crowded territories in the beach area. All the SD locals know that the bayside is where it’s at if you want a little more peaceful hang out time at the beach. Ahhhhhhhhhh!
engaged couple ride tandem bike along mission bay in san diego engaged couple ride tandem bike together in san diego

Kelly and Matthew are so perfect together…they are always so sweet with each other, they truly “get” one another, and they are a blast to hang out with. That is truly of the marks of a beautiful relationship: the ability to thrive both individually as well as together as a couple. 

I love that Matthew stated in his initial questionnaire, he mentioned that they differ quite a bit in their opinions on politics, religion, and other facets of life, but he enjoys that they are able to still have quality discussions, and that they learn from each other. Respect is a great thing!

couple works together on tandem bike in mission beach engagement photos tandem bike riding couple giggle in their san diego engagement photos

“Look, Ma. NO HANDS!!!”man laughs as his hands are off handle bars with his fiancé on tandem bikeengaged couple sits together and laughs near catamarans and boats on mission bayclose up of engaged couple sharing laughs during their engagement photos near boats on mission bay

Matthew is a super-chill Navy helicopter pilot (I would assume you have to be pretty calm in order to be a helicopter pilot!) who shares Kelly’s love for brewing. In fact, they are both working together to brew ALL the beer for their upcoming wedding at Levyland later this year! How RAD is that??!!

They have been hard at work lately, brewing about two 10 gallon batches per weekend to make sure that it is ready by late October! Quite an undertaking, but they are so talented, there will be no problems there. 🙂

Not only is Kelly a very talented homebrewer, she is also an accomplished herpetologist, who specializes in desert reptiles. She spends weeks (sometimes months) at a time out in the desert, ensuring the health of desert reptiles, while documenting their behaviors. She is one of those people that you really are glad to know, and can call your friend. 🙂

Yep, these two are seriously rad people, as you can see. close up engaged couple smiling at one another on the beach of mission baycouple snuggled in between boats and catamarans along mission bay in san diegocouple looks out across the ocean in mission beach catamaran engagement photos couple looks out towards the catamaran hotel in mission bay during their engagement photos engaged couple smiles in a mission beach community walk among the neighborhood

As sweet as these two are, they definitely have lots of fun together. A lot of laughter and a bit of teasing, just to keep things interesting. 😉 engaged couple laughs together on island court in mission beachengaged couple laughs together on island court in mission beach neighborhoodengaged couple smiles hold hands against colorful blue fence in mission beach island court neighborhood candid side photo of couple looking at each other during their mission beach engagement

Gotta love that scrunched up look they give each other!couple goes in for kiss against a colorful blue fence in mission beach neighborhood couple holds hands and laughs together during their mission beach engagement photos engagement photos against a colorful urban fence with snuggling couple

Well, considering how much we all share craft and home brewed beer in common, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t fit in a refreshing beer break for these two. It was super muggy down at the beach too, so I’m sure their local beers really hit the spot. Must take good care of our models! We found a less crowded spot at Starkey’s BBQ where we could all enjoy a little patio time. couple cheers one another with san diego craft beer durign their mission beach engagement photos after the tandem bike, we took our couple to grab a craft beer ifcandid angles during craft beer mission beach engagement portraits with la vida

Not quite sure what transpired here but Matt is pretty much cracking himself up. Looks like Kelly approves. couple makes faces and laugh during their craft beer engagement photos in mission beach

A few quick individual portraits as we chase the last bit of daylight! close up of bride and groom individual portraits during their mission beach engagement portraitsnighttime photos of couple near rollercoaster during their mission beach engagement

Away from the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk and the rest of the world, Kelly and Matthew enjoy hanging in this part across the street from the historic Belmont rollercoaster. It was the perfect spot at the end of the session as the crowds thinned out and the rollercoaster lit up. Probably one of our favorite twilight shots of all time! And at this point, these two are total pros!dramatic sunset photo of couple almost kissing with belmont mission beach roller coaster in background

Dear Kelly and Matthew, thank you soooooo much for being totally present and having fun with each other during your engagement session! We had a great time with you two, filled with lots of good laughs and hearing all about the amazing brews you have planned for the big celebration. We can’t wait for your big day of #homebrewedlove at Levyland!
black and white dark dramatic moody photo of engaged couple together with rollercoaster in background

To Kelly and Matthew’s friends and family, be sure to sign the guestbook for their private gallery to be kept in the loop of image release and print specials. This will be the same gallery wedding images will be hosted in this fall too, so sign up now to get all the inside scoop! 


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