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joan, norm + ruby family session | sunset cliffs, san diego

Ruby loves the beach. No, seriously…she LOVES going to the beach with mom and dad! Joan and Norm were very excited to continue their La Vida Story (see their engagement, wedding, and newborn sessions) with their pride and joy, Ruby. Betsy and I met up with this La Vida Family down in a secluded little beach below Sunset Cliffs last week (in the morning, so that we could have the beach all to ourselves!)

Ruby is a great little kid. She was totally smiling and playing the *entire* time!

Watching Norm with his little girl was really fun… RUN FASTER, DADDY! 🙂

MORE, please!! 🙂

Other than the beach in general, Ruby had two other fascinations during our time together that day: Mommy’s hair, and the male photographer (me). What a flirt! 🙂

Such a silly ‘lil goose!!

D’Awwwww! Cute little sandy toes.

Something about this one just totally reminds us of film… Joan, there’s a certain serenity you have here!

This is Ruby’s favorite little fluffy puppy dog, and he goes wherever Ruby goes. 🙂


“Hey there! Look what I found! IT’S SAND!!”

Joan and Ruby have a great relationship, too. She has a gift for bringing out Ruby’s little smiles and laughter!

Ruby, Norm and Joan, thank you once again for inviting us to document your beautiful family! It was great to see you again, and we can’t wait for the next installment!

One more scrunchy face for the road!! 🙂

To Ruby, Joan and Norm’s friends and family: sign in to their Pictage Event Page… you will be notified as soon as the rest of the individual images go live in a few weeks, and you will receive a gift certificate toward your first print purchase!

  • Tom st Clair - Love the photos

  • Joan - I love every single one! Thank you so much Betsy and Jeff!

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