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jazmine + kevin’s shabby chic wine country wedding | temecula creek inn, california

wedding couple snuggle in post-ceremony glow at their shabby chic wine country wedding

#TEAMGELFAND forever!! These two are such a team, so they pretty much nailed it for their wedding hashtag. We’ve been looking forward to Jazmine and Kevin’s big day because we have had such a great time getting to know them during their engagement. It was a gorgeous day out in Temecula for their shabby chic wine country wedding at Temecula Creek Inn!best man and brother gives groom a loving slap on the cheek

Adam, Kevin’s big bro, was on hand to keep him in check and cheer him on that day. These two definitely know how to support each other while still keeping it down to earth and a little snarky. Yeah, our kind of peeps! Meanwhile, the girls were getting all verklempt while Jazmine opened her amazing artwork gift from Kevin {which we thought was extra neat as it was an artist interpretation of a photograph we took during their engagement session!}. Everyone kind of lost it… in a good way, of course!bride cries during gift exchange with groom on wedding day

Jazmine was all smiles while the final touches of perfection took place.bride smiles as the final touches of hair are finished on her wedding dayquiet moment as bride prepares to pull down her dress in wine country

I’m not even sure I can emphasize how much laughter there was throughout the day. So we’ll just let the images do the talking in that department…mom helps bride put on earrings and get ready on her wedding day in wine country

JUST STUNNING, JAZZY G!!!close up photo of beautiful bride, makeup and headpiece

Yay! Time for Jaz and Kevin’s first look. These times make us so happy to witness and document. The two of them alone, even if it’s not all that long, getting connected, being just the way they are with one another, and sharing the joy of the day together, as a TEAM. Love. Love. Love.bride and groom connect and laugh together during their wine country first lookbride heartily laughs as she greets her groom on their wedding day in wine country

It’s so neat when we see our couples really slow down and soak each other up during this time. We encourage them to use all their senses and take note of each other in every little way. Then you see it unfold and it’s always a little different and unique to a couple’s ways with one another. These two are definitely connected and it’s so obvious when you see them together.bride and groom each slow down to take in all their senses, hold hands and connectgroom pumps fist and says let

“YES. LET’S DOOOOOOO THIS!”bride laughs and snuggles up to groom during their wedding day first lookwedding day portraits of bride and groom

Jazzy opted for a few minutes with her dad and you can just tell that they have a special relationship. Dad was in total awe of his gorgeous daughter. So sweet!bride shares a first look with her dad on her wedding day

Then it was time to meet up with this crazy crew for some wedding party fun and portraits. 95 degree day in Temecula, but these guys aren’t showing it at all. Nice work, #teamgelfand!bride and groom with their entire wedding partybridesmaids in multi-flowered flowing dresses for a wine country wedding

How unique and lovely are these breezy dresses for the wine country setting in the hills of Temecula? Just a great group of ladies—so sweet and doting on Jaz!groomsmen raz groom in wedding party photos before their wine country wedding

And then there are THESE guys! They definitely kept Kevin entertained all day. What a crew!photos of details at a shabby chic wine country garden wedding

Time to head out to the scene for the afternoon—the historic Stone House at Temecula Creek Inn. It’s nestled up against the foothills and removed from the rest of the resort. You really do feel like you’re out in the country there. So many shabby chic and refined wine country style details.

While the ladies were waiting to come out to the site just before the ceremony, the guys came out to escort and perhaps squeeze in a quick bocce tourney. Why not? We approve. If you follow our blog and website at all, you know that bocce is a VERY important part of our lives 🙂pre-ceremony bocce game for the groomsmen

Okay, on to the main event!! It was nice that Jaz and her dad had a nice little walk from the Stone House to the ceremony site so that they could share a few more moments with one another. They looked so happy and joyful in those moments there!bride and dad have a private moment before they walk down the aisle in wine country

We may have had a few rogue flower girls… One bolted before hitting the aisle and the other made it down the aisle with an escort. But both adorable, nonetheless! Not sure that too many petals made it on the ground for Jazmine’s entrance. Teehee!cute flower girl runs away during her entrance at this wine country wedding

cute flower girl runs down the aisle
bride walks down the aisle with her dad in wine country

Think Jazmine’s dad, Tim, is barely holding it together here  <3groom exchanges an intense look with bride at the end of the aisle

couple takes a deep breath as they meet at the altar in their outdoor ceremony

As soon as these two held hands at the altar, they took a deep breath and reconnected. So great and just perfectly them.bride looks fondly on speaker during their outdoor wine country wedding ceremony

Lot of great antidotes and history of the awesome couple were shared during the ceremony. Everyone really enjoyed it!parents smile as they watch their children get married in wine countryfriend talks during outdoor wine country wedding ceremony

Tommy pretty much had these two and every guest rolling with laughter during the ceremony. Combined with their friend Marty, the officiant, the ceremony shared a fun history of Team Gelfand as well as some meaningful elements too. It was a wonderful combination!photo of couple laughing hysterically at their outdoor wine country wedding ceremonygroom laughs during outdoor ceremony in wine country weddingcloseup photo of couple holding hands during their outdoor wine country ceremonybeautiful outdoor ceremony site in wine country, photo by la vida creations

Jazmine and Kevin opted to do a unity candle bringing the two of them together as well as their families.couple lights unity candle with parents at their outdoor wine country wedding ceremony

We had to share a few excerpts from their vows, because, well, first of all, they were so great! And they are definitely a great reflection of this couple!

From Jazmine to Kevin…
I have never believed in fate, but when I look back to the night we met—zip-tied together at a wedding-themed frat party—it’s hard to deny that there wasn’t some force in the universe pushing us together. After only knowing you an hour, I already knew you were worth fighting for. –Granted, I was just fighting to convince the security guard that you were 21, but it was worth the effort, because I knew I wanted to spend more time with you. I didn’t know then how much I would love you, but I did know that everything felt different.

I remember the moment I knew I was in love with you. We were sitting on my couch and I looked up at you and knew, with you I was home. Because with you I felt safe to be myself, because somehow you knew who I was from the inside out. And as time has passed, I’ve only discovered more of you that I love. When we met, I loved your charm—that everyone you knew immediately told me how great a friend you were. I learned that people love you because you care about your friends like family, and seeing your loyalty to them reaffirms my faith in your loyalty to me. When we met, I loved your earrings and cocky attitude. I miss the earrings, but I’ve learned that your sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself are things that will always make me smile. I love that you can be my roommate, business coach, fitness trainer, and friend, depending on what I need in any moment, and that somehow you didn’t break up with me when I started calling you K Fed. I love your bravery—that you can take a leap and start your own business or leap off an actual cliff with the same level of intensity, and that you push me to be braver, too. I love that you challenge me, and that when you look at me you see so many opportunities that I had never imagined. And I love your commitment in us, that you always stand firmly and calmly in your knowledge that everything we have is right, and every obstacle we face is manageable because somehow, together, we are equipped to resolve it. I have never trusted another person the way that I trust you, and I love that you have allowed me to give up some of the control, because with you I know we will always be OK.

laughter exchanged between couple at their wine country wedding in temecula
From Kevin to Jazmine…
Anyone who knows me well enough knows I was of course going to turn this into a poem.
The title of it is: Jazzy G Was Meant To Me …and Forever On She Shall Stay… Jazzy G.

Jazmine, I remember that night we met and Trevor mentioned your name,
Another party, another girl, I thought this night would be the same,

Italian Wedding was the theme and by some miracle you were cuffed to me,
It’s funny how it all comes full circle, because now we will never be let free,

Linked together from this day on until the day we both lay to rest,
Meeting the love of my life that night, who could have guessed,

Your smile, your beauty, and your booty was all that caught my eye,
And no matter how much you fought it, you fell right back for the guy from Sigma Chi,

Your beauty was visible and shined so bright from the moment I laid eyes on you,
But your intelligence, your passion, your flawless character is what makes me want to say I do,

Your ability to be empathetic to any situation is something that never gets old,
And your motherly nature, your wittiness, along with your heart made of gold,

As these 6 years have passed by I continue to learn from you each and every day,
You compliment my flaws and teach me how to be a better man in every single way,

Disclaimer for Kevin—We’re still NOT taking sides on who’s vows were better. Even after you asked after the ceremony! 😉photos of couple exchanging intimate looks during vows at their wine country weddingcloseup photo as couple exchanges rings at their wine country weddingphoto of couple laughing together after vows at their temecula wine country wedding

Just love how Jazmine and Kevin both have a full-body laugh. It creates a joy that is truly contagious!mazel tov and the kiss at outdoor wine country wedding

MAZEL TOV!!couple smiles and walk down the aisle at their outdoor wine country ceremony

These moments right after the ceremony are always so great. Sharing a toast and looking over as it sinks in that you have a spouse.bride and groom take in the first moments after getting married sharing a champagne toast

And of course, being surrounded by all those friends who have been cheering you on along the journey.couple is surrounded by wedding party cheers after wine country wedding ceremony

And your sweet pup who just wants to give mom and dad a little sugar and congratulations!couple is congratulated and kissed by their dog at their wine country wedding

Comparing rings. Yep. This really happened!bride and groom exchange looks as they compare rings in this candid photo

We had a few moments with these two before the reception to capture a little slice of the joy and wonderment.couple portraits in front of rustic barn at their shabby chic wine country wedding

couple walks in rustic setting at their wine country wedding

So dreamy!wedding day photo of couple snuggling amongst forest at their wine country wedding

Hung back for a moment as these two walked together into their cocktail hour. Love the afternoon in the foothills!bride and groom pause for a moment before walking into their wine country wedding reception

bride and groom wrap arms around each other at their wine country wedding rustic outdoor shabby chic wine country wedding at temecula creek innphoto of bride and groom as they bow during their wine country wedding reception grand entrance

TADAAAAAAAAA!sweet moments during groom

Kevin made a great welcome speech to thank everyone for coming and of course, toast his gorgeous bride!guests and couple enjoy toast by father of the groom at this wine country wedding

Both dads got up for a special toast. Emotions were running high! Nothing like your kids lightening the mood with some maniacal laughter!!

Some really great shares from the maid of honor, Ryan, and of course, Adam, Kevin’s brother and best man.couple laughs during toasts at their wine country wedding reception

These faces might seem familiar… we photographed Adam and Betsy‘s wedding last year. It’s pretty much our favorite thing in the world when we have the opportunity to photograph the wedding of multiple kids in a family. It’s so awesome!!!best man is enthusiastically congratulated after speech at this wine country wedding

Yeah, Adam’s toast was pretty well-received, don’t you think? 😉 All the guys rallied around him and gave him some love.groom playfully threatens cake smash at rustic wine country wedding

Kevin—are you SURE that’s a good idea????photo of couple dancing first dance at wine country wedding

After dinner was enjoyed and the cake was cut, it was time for these two to share their first dance as husband and wife.couple dances during first dance at their wine country wedding

We just love how much these two can totally get lost in each other and let the rest of the world fade away!bride pauses and laughs during first dance at her wine country weddinggroom laughs and smiles at bride during wine country wedding first dancebride and groom first dance dip at their outdoor shabby chic wine country weddingbride dances with dad at her shabby chic wine country wedding

Great moments shared with their parents during their special dances. Jaz and her dad danced to Tiny Dancer and Kevin stomped around to Come on Eileen with his mom {that’s her name, although spelled differently!}. So fun and you could tell they were all just having a blast!!groom and mother of the groom dance to Come on Eileen at their wine country wedding reception

The Hora can get a little wild. This was one of those. As you can see from their faces, these two may have seen their lives pass before their eyes a few times!photo of couple during hora at their wine country wedding in temeculabride and groom up on chairs during the hora at their wine country wedding

overview shot of crowd dancing at this wine country wedding reception

Let’s get this party started!!!! Whoop!!bride and groom laugh and party at their wine country wedding receptionbride and guests having fun and dancing at wine country wedding reception

And then the break-dancing came out. Yes, we definitely approve.break dancing at a wine country wedding receptionyoung girls dance with elderly guest at this wine country wedding receptionbouquet toss at this outdoor wine country wedding

Bouquet. SCORE!hilarious sequence of photos during the garter toss at this wine country wedding

Hello? Where is my husband? Is there a Gelfand in the house? NO, not that Gelfand!
Anyone else? Bueller? Bueller? Then Kevin figured out his company was required on the dance floor, so he slid in like a rockstar. Too much!!garter toss at wine country wedding receptionbride and groom steal a kiss on the dance floor at their wine country wedding

Dear Jazmine and Kevin, thank you SOOOOO very much for inviting us into your lives to tell your story and capture the special love and bond you two share. We are so thankful to know you! We know you two are bound for amazing things in this life as #teamgelfand. Can’t wait to get together with you two and the other Gelfands for a hangout date. Much love to you both!! XOXOnighttime sunset twilight photos in the foothills of wine country

To Jazmine and Kevin’s friends and family, be sure to sign their gallery guestbook to be kept in the loop on gallery release and print specials! Their finished gallery will be ready in 3-5 weeks. Thank you!

The Wedding Pros for Team Gelfand: 
Photography: La Vida Creations 
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Temecula Creek Inn 
Catering:Temecula Creek Inn
Florals: Carla Kayes
Cake: Cakes to Celebrate, Debbie
Hair: Gilbert Flores
Makeup: Wonderpin Studios, Tess and Amy
Officiant: Martin, friend of the couple
Day-of-Coordinator: Celebrations by Di, Diana
Music: Wayne Foster Music
Bridesmaids dresses: Show Me Your Mumu


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