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jackie, brian & miso | rancho bernardo, ca

AWWWWWW! What a cutie!

The beautiful Huskie you see above is Miso, and she owns Brian and Jackie Van Hatten. Jackie invited us up to her parents’ house up in Rancho Bernardo for some fun family shots of the two of them and the white fuzzy love of their life. We got there early so that we could play around with Miso and get her used to our smell. *NO* we don’t stink, so don’t read too far into that. 🙂

Here is Jackie just being Jackie. She is a very talented photographer and her personality is just adorable. She came along with us on the way back from WPPI and we had a ball shootin’ the breeze on the way home!

Brian cracks us up. He and I share a love for really bad puns and geektacular Tshirts. 😀 Here he is doing his best to convey Wisdom, Power and Courage all in one pose. Hooray for Zelda references!

Miso is a total doll, and she was (for the most part) very cooperative during the shoot. Of course, there may have been many treats involved.


Enjoy Miso’s slideshow! (Yes, the slideshow belongs to Miso. She begrudgingly allowed us to include shots of her humans, Jackie and Brian, as well).


Nothing quite like a French Kiss from the dog you love.

Speaking of love, Brian and Jackie are SO perfect for each other. They are so sweet with on another, and the love really shows. We really got a kick out of how much they made each other laugh. If we had only one piece of advice to give to all the couples we photograph, it would be to LAUGH. These guys have it made. 🙂

“You like ze zexy mooostache?”

If you know Jackie at all, you are very aware of her love for Brian and Miso, but they sometimes play second fiddle to her Mini Cooper. Just kidding Miso (and Brian)! So we of course had to include the Mini near the end of the session.

Hey Brian and Jackie: we think you are a rad couple. 🙂 We can’t wait until the four of us enjoy a nice dinner together!
(Don’t get us wrong… the wine and cheese & crackers really hit the spot too.)


It’s such a honor when another photographer asks you to document their life. Thanks, Jackie and Brian, for inviting us out to photograph you. It was so much fun!

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  • Meaghan Schmaltz - Ok, seriously… could you please try to find some attractive clients? I mean really…
    Of course, I kid. Look at these folks! They’re GOR-GEOUS! Great job guys. Can’t wait for our family photo sesh!

  • shawnreeder - Absolutely beautiful Betsy and Jeff. Jackie, it was great to meet you. You must be stoked on these gorgeous pictures!! Congrats 🙂

  • Ashley Daniell - I really love this shoot! STUNNING! I am counting down until you guys can document a moment in our lives!

  • annie - OMG!!! sooo awesome!! Love, love, LOVE this shoot!! and um.. Miso is one attractive pup!

  • Carrie McCluskey - What an adorable session! That dog is just too cute. great images!

  • Jackie VanHatten - We love them! You captured us! The fisheye of Miso and Brian making my hair a mustache cracks me up. Now if only we had a house to hang them in! Thank you Jeff and Betsy, you’re awesome!

  • Erin - AWWWWWWWWW! You guys make me all fuzzy inside! Love them!

  • Stephen Knuth - Great photographs! I totally agree about Jackie being an awesome photog! 🙂

  • Kevin - Sweet Photos Betsy and Jeff! Who could ask for a more adorable couple than Jackie and Brian oh and let’s not forget about Miso too.

  • sheri - loooooove these! I can’t believe I didn’t see them until just now. Jeff and Betsey, you are just awesome!

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