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hallquist family documentary photos | los angeles, ca

photo of 6 month baby boy peeking over blanket with favorite toyChild star in the making… Kyle! We always look forward to seeing the Hallquist family for their documentary family photos up in Los Angeles. We’ve been following their family adventures with their La Vidita first year documentary sessions. This is the second one we have done—we went through the first year series with Nathan too! Six month sessions are my favorite as babies start really discovering the world around them and their personalities are really coming to life. Now this guy… he’s a charmer and a really bubbly kiddo!photo of 2 year old boy jumping on pillows at home family documentary photo sessionAs we do the first year series, we also capture the family as a whole and the development of those amazing sibling relationships too. Nathan is a firecracker! The pillow tower was pretty entertaining and he was excited to show it to us. mom laughs and plays with three year old boy while they play on couchfamily documentary photos of kids playing with mom at homeVROOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM! VROOOOOOOOOM! VROOOOOOOOOM!
Toddler NASCAR in the den. Yup. photo of boy pretending to drive a car on momBut this is my favorite thing that they all love to do on a regular basis at home together—FLYING BABIES!! family documentary photos of family playing airplanes in their los angeles homefamily documentary photos of family playing airplanesLove seeing what a good big brother Nathan is growing up to be! family documentary photos of brothers lying on bed togetherDebut Album cover art: Brothers
family documentary photos of 6 month old boyAnd seriously!! Can you even believe that face? Kyle is so expressive! family documentary photos of young boy pouting
As sometimes happens, Nathan was a little over the photo fun, so he tucked himself into mom and dad’s bed and requested room service of the house white, also known as milk. family documentary photos of young boy getting zerbert from dad

Also known in some social circles as the zerbert 🙂

family documentary photos of young boy getting zerbert from dadfamily documentary photos of 6 month old pushing up during belly timeKyle, you’re so curious! family documentary photos of very happy 6 month old boy smiling and cooing at the camerafamily documentary photos of family hanging out in mom and dad
Little slivers of every day real life stuff. We always love these! family documentary photos of family time at los angeles homefamily documentary photos of family hanging out like real life momentsNathan can’t keep his hands off those cheeks! Incidentally, this was his nickname as a baby! family documentary photos of family playing together at home in los angelesfamily documentary photos of young boy being rewarded with lollipopGood deeds yield good rewards 😉 family documentary photos of mom giving her young kid a kissLollipops and mommy’s kisses! XOXOfamily documentary photos of sleeping 6 month old baby in los angelesAll the activity and excitement tuckered little Kyle out for a few brief minutes. family documentary photos of baby feetfamily documentary photos of 6 month old baby pointing up at camera and gigglingHe woke up refreshed after his little catnap, ready for his time in the spotlight full of lots of snuggles and smooches from mom and dad. family documentary photos of mom and dad with 6 month baby snuggling togetherfamily documentary photos with 6 month old baby looking surprisedfamily documentary photos of parents kissing the head of 6 month old babyAnd we got to see him show off a little of his belly time skills! family documentary photos of first year milestone 6 month old baby starting to crawlOkay, if this little series of six month old giggles, smiles, and pure joy don’t totally give you the warm fuzzies, you must be from another planet. These just make me smile looking at them again! We were all giggling alongside Kyle as he was eating up all the love and snuggles! family documentary photos of baby giggling and smiling as mom and dad snuggle himfamily documentary photos of baby and mom during the first year family sessionfamily documentary photos of uncontrollable giggles from 6 month old baby boyfamily documentary photos of adorable 6 month old baby getting a kiss from dad Team Hallquist—thank you again for inviting us into the wonderful little moments you share as a family! We are always so impressed seeing you two in action with the kiddos and we hope the images bring you a little view of how beautiful your world is from the outside looking in <3. We love it! XOXOXO family documentary photos of chubby baby legs at in-home session in los angelesTo friends and family of the Hallquists—be sure to register in their guestbook to be privy to gallery release and print specials. The finished gallery will be live in a few weeks! 

  • Mary Ferrell - Once again…great picture’s. What an adorable family!!!!!

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