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As we arrived at the park near Renaissance Apartments, a slight drizzle showered our faces and cameras. “Oh no! What will we do for this session?” Roll with the punches, baby. We work rain or shine, like the Postal Service, but with fewer holidays. 🙂 We had the honor of shooting a session with Jennifer, […]

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  • Kevin Mudd - Glad to see you guys back at it! #5 is so awesome.

  • Melissa - BEAUTIFUL images! You two make family portraits with little ones look effortless. My fave is the first pic. So colorful and crispy….

  • Ashley Daniell - I really love the first photo!

  • Jeff Barker - I really enjoy your work. The one with coin sitting by his parent’s legs… that’s my fav.

  • mcgrady family | renaissance park » Life of La Vida - […] recently did a session with Jeff and Lauree’s extended family, and apparently they just could not get enough! So we returned to the park within Renaissance […]

  • a day in the life of the mcphail family | encinitas/san diego, california » La Vida Creations Photography - […] circle… The original session with the two of them and Colin, their first-born, followed by another session in La Jolla with other members of their immediate family, finishing off with a mini session down in Coronado […]

Ahhh….life is good. 🙂 This is the continuation of our fabulous trip to Europe. After spending a week or so in München, we jetted on over to Ibiza (small island off the coast of Spain) for another 8 days. Of course, when the 8th day came, we weren’t ready to leave, so we made a […]

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  • Jamila - OH MY GOD!!! I want to move there!!! It looks like you guys had an absolutely AMAZING (and well deserved) vacation. I must say, it’s nice to know you can still take incredible vacations after the actual honeymoon is over 🙂

  • Fletch - WOW! Amazing the weather was amazing as well as the views!
    Tori and I should have stopped by the islands when we were in Spain.
    I was wondering what the music would be for the video and I giggled and thought “how perfect”.

  • Melissa - OK, I can see why you two had decided to “squat” one more day. I don’t blame you!!! We have never been to Spain/Ibiza but you have totally sold ME on the idea that I/WE MUST GO TO THAT PLACE!!! 🙂 Spectacular images! No more hippies. You two have definitely earned the names “travel god and goddess”. C U SOON!

  • Jeff - My mind is still hanging out somewhere in the Mediterranean. I like to think that it’s having a good time without me. 🙂

  • Nicole Lang - Smply Marvelous!!! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

  • Shawn Grant - WOW!!! What a gorgeous place, looks like you two had a blast and it is well deserved! I love love love the third to last photo of the two of you, ahhh the life of la vida 🙂

  • Marj - You guys must have had so much fun! I hope some day I will be able to take adventures like this. The only fun place I’ve been so far is Ireland 😉 And it was long before I was a photographer, so no good pictures.

  • Erin Youngren - I want to go there…

  • Feuza - Wow- these are like magazine pictures! what a great time you all had!

  • Pamela Telgenhoff - Amazing photos…looks like SO much fun!

  • Aaron - Lucky Bastards!!!

  • erica - amazing shots and I am SO jealous

  • Dave - Those photos are just gorgeous. I can’t believe you actually came back to work—I think i would have flaked on that! Jeff….I cannot believe you are wearing a sarong. That is SO WRONG!

  • Stephen Knuth - Betsy. Thank You for your great comment on my blog! I love these shots!! Have you ever thought of joining the stock photo industry? I am being serious, travel companies would eat these up! 🙂 I can tell Jeff let his “warrior” side out a little.

  • Sylvia Borgo - I. Am. So. Jealous! Actually, I’m surprised you guys came back to SD! Your images are heavenly! My fave shot is the last one of you two. Smoochie Cuteness!

  • Devin Shea - Absolutely Amazing. I am so jealous of your vacation it looks incredible. It is great that you and Betsy were able to get away a little bit for a much needed vacation. My favorite picture is the one with you on the cliff with the sarong and your back to the camera. Classic!!!

  • Mary Marantz - wow!!! Incredible!!

  • ohana photographers - we want to go to there! looked totally awesome guys!

  • Eric The Red - Wow! What a stunning place. I would love to know how you found it and booked it? Great pictures.

  • Jeff - Thanks all!
    @Eric: our friend in München found it by having a few Helle with the owner. Here is the website for Anam Cara 🙂

Guten Tag! We’ve been looking forward to our European adventure for MONTHS. Not only were we able to spend time with our friends Scott and Marietta, but we were also fortunate enough to meet some other really great people. We saw some great sites, ate some yummy food, and drank the cleanest, most pure beer […]

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  • Melissa - Hervorragend!!! Welcome back travel god and goddess!!! Jealous? Hell ya!

  • Jackie - There is never a dull moment in Munich. Love the pictures!

  • Kevin Angstenberger - Die Fotos sind ganz schon!

  • Fletch - Amazing! I so want to go back. Thanks for sharing.

  • Marietta - Amazing pictures and I learned so much about München :o). If anybody is looking for a tour guide for München, Betsy and Jeff should be your first choice (I am sure that some pictures will be included). Thank both of you for a wonderful time.

  • Ashley Daniell - The trip looks like it was amazing! I love the photos and can’t wait to see more!

  • Timothy Tyler - Wow, I love it! I so want to go over there now, you got some amazing pictures.

  • Brianna - Looks amazing! I love all of the colours.

  • gina - ewwww! gorgeous! love the details in the stone and well…just all of the details.

  • Jeff - Vielen Dank, everyone! We are SO going back to Bavaria. 🙂

Oh hello, cute couple! We met Lilli and Rick during Daron and Melissa’s wedding last year in Rancho Santa Fe. Lillian was one of Melissa’s bridesmaids, and she was just the cutest thing! Always full of smiles and laughing constantly. We love hanging out with people who so clearly enjoy life! Lilli and Rick have […]

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  • Lillian & Rick - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We couldn’t be happier, we are very pleased with your suberb work! You guys rock!!

  • Jeff - No my friends. YOU are the ones who rock! We had a great time, and you two are an amazing couple. Can’t wait to see you again! 🙂

  • oneshotbeyond - so fun & fresh! Great series!!!

  • Evan Bishop - Great shots as always, and super cute couple! Awesome!

  • Melissa - So sunny and so colorful!!! Absolutely LOVE the first image of this post!

  • Bri - This is such a fun session!

  • Sara France - This is beautiful. Very good variety and creativity.

Well, the newlyweds are back in town, and we are so happy to share some highlights from their wedding! Maribel and Kyle are two of the sweetest people we have met. We’ve always enjoyed our time together, and we were so excited for their wedding! I love how she totally “sasses it up” in the […]

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  • shawnreeder - Beautiful work!! I hope you both are well.