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We totally have the best job in the world. 🙂 Seriously! We get to hang out with our clients in cool places, have a few laughs and help them look their best while telling their story. How COOL is that? When Lauren and Paul were thinking about where they might like to do their engagement […]

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  • Betsy Blue - You two are adorable! And this couple is adorable! Amazing and inspiring as always…thanks for doing what you do so passionately and so well. Big hugs, the “other” Betsy 😉

  • Jeff - Awwwwww. You’re sweet! Thanks “other Betsy!” 🙂 Great to see you the other night!

  • Lauren Becker - These photos are absolutely amazing! We couldn’t be happier. It just doesn’t get any better than you two! We are so stoked to hang out with you again at the wedding!

  • Irene Frankhouse - Beautiful Images!

  • Jeremy - Grade A Perfection! You guys are amazing. How lucky this couple is to have found you.

  • Pamela Lurie - Oh, Lauren and Paul, these pictures are just PHENOMENAL. I can only imagine how beautiful the big day is going to be! I just love-love-loved seeing these, they even made me cry! You are a beautiful couple with a long and happy life together ahead of you. Congratulations to an amazing couple. 🙂 I love you!

  • Jan Knuth - The pictures are beautiful! (of course they are – look @ the subjects!) We welcome Lauren into our family & truly are blessed by the love & happiness she & Paul share. Can’t wait for the BIG day!! Love, Mom

  • Emily Engle - What an amazing location, beautiful light, and CUTE style! Awesome work!!!

  • Melissa - Love. Love. Love. This e-session! Again some incredible images taken by my favorite photogs!!!

  • oneshotbeyond - these are so fun and beautiful!

  • Becky Becker - These photos are so special! Betsy and Jeff, you did an amazing job capturing who Lauren and Paul are, how sweet and loving their relationship is, and in such a gorgeous series of unique photos. My compliments to the good looking couple (I know I’m biased, but it’s true!), and to their photographers who gave us these beautiful images. See you all soon for the big day! Becky (AKA Mom)

  • Erin - The boots are Classic. (capital “c”) Love this session guys!

  • Amanda - Love it! Betsy and Jeff you rock! I love looking at your photos and cannot wait for our turn! We are so excited! Congrats to Lauren and Paul, they look like a fun couple!

  • Brianna Phelan - These are gorgeous and I love her freckles. Great set!

  • Diandra - The first and the last are my favorites. Awesome shots!!!

  • Ashley Daniell - This is an amazing session! The photos are beautiful – some of my favorites ever I think!

  • lauren & paul | balboa park and university heights » Life of La Vida - […] you feel the love? Lauren and Paul’s Engagement Session in Julian and Santa Ysabel has garnered quite a bit of attention from our friends, colleagues and […]

  • lauren & paul | balboa park and university heights - La Vida Creations Photography - […] you feel the love? Lauren and Paul’s Engagement Session in Julian and Santa Ysabel has garnered quite a bit of attention from our friends, colleagues and […]

Awwwwwwwwww! 🙂 We recently did a session with Jeff and Lauree’s extended family, and apparently they just could not get enough! 🙂 So we returned to the park within Renaissance Apartments in La Jolla to focus on Jeff, Lauree, and Quentin’s relationship and further document all the things that are important to Quentin at this […]

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  • Julia - What a beautiful family! Love the shots of Quentin with the dog!

  • Jenny - That kid should be a model!!! He’s perfection! Great shots!!!

  • Sylvia Borgo - what a cutie family! I just love the sepia one! how’d you get them to both luck at you! TOo cute!

  • Raj - Marie Lewis – Tim, I have one small request, and while it may be silly, I’m coeetplmly serious. On your next trip/vacation/whatever, take me with you and teach me how to take awesome photos like these. I have been to some pretty cool places, but all my photos suck!! I need to learn how to take great photos like you, can you pretty pretty pleeeeeeeease teach me??November 29, 2010 6:18 pm

HOOOORAY! More of Melissa’s awesome creations! We loved helping Melissa out with her original product shoot, and of COURSE we were thrilled when she called us up for a fresh batch of “sweets” photography! Hee hee. Melissa is one cool cat. Everytime she comes over to our home studio, she always brings us a treat! […]

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  • Melissa - What can I say????? You have brought it once again for me and I can’t wait to start this crazy business of mine! Thanks again for bringing my pieces to life with your incredible attention to detail and amazing photography! You guys ROCK!!!!!

  • ohana photographers - oh no, coming to your blog today was a mistake….must.find.cooookies….. 😉 love them and the ggggrona squeaky toy hilarious!!!

  • Michelle Bellofatto - I’m hungry for cookies! Those creations are stunning, cute and tempting. Melissa has true talent. Oh and the images are equally beautiful.

  • Jeff - O.M.G. These all look soooo delicious! I love the gingerbread Christmas trees… too cool!

  • Marj - WOW. I am really, REALLY hungry for sweets now. O M G so bad to look at this before dinner. Now I just want cookies!

  • Kevin Mudd - WoW! the detail in each cookie is stunning. Melissa must dream in sugar… I know I will be after checking these out. As always the pictures make me think I can just grab one from my monitor. Great job guys!

  • Evan Bishop - Amazing images once again! Melissa’s work is so beautiful, I know who I’ll be recommending if any of my couples need a cake for their wedding!

  • Erin Youngren - That green cherry blossom cake is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Beautiful cake and beautifully photographed you guys!

  • Dave - I feel my waistline expand as I look at these. What a talent…both the baked goods AND the photography! Love the Day of the Dead stuff—BRILLIANT!

  • Feuza - Oh yumyy! food photography is tres hard especially desserts but these rock!!! makes me want to lick my screen- hahaha

  • Kristen Leigh - Hooooooooooooomygoodness. I want those cookies. Asap.

    ps. Your pics are wonderful!!! So good!

  • Eric The Red - Wonderful pictures! You can definitely see the love and care that goes into making the cookies. I can now direct a couple of my customers who deal with food products to this entry so they can see what their products could look like.

  • John Bergmann - Can we come over next time? Seriously though, the elephants are great and the cake-cookies are amazingly intricate!

  • Brenda Swann - NOM NOM I am hungry. what masterpieces!! I especially appreciate the Die De Los Muertos cookies & the ingenuity to shape the teeth with the cookie exposed… Perfection! Wish I could eat them right out of the screen! xxo!

  • even more fab desserts from dough & batter | la vida creations home studio » Life of La Vida - […] to see more of our shoots with Melissa and her delicious cookies and cakes? Here ya go! melissa’s fabulous desserts more of melissa’s fab desserts Share this post with your […]

Hello everyone! Meet the Zellers. They are great friends with one of our previous couples, Laura and Eric, and they were really excited about L&E’s most recent shoot with us downtown. Laura totally ROCKED her dress that day! 🙂 So we were thrilled when Sara contacted us to do a shoot with her family in […]

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  • Laura Hansel - How adorable are those!! Lots of great moments captured again by my fav photog team. You guys rock!

  • Sylvia Borgo - Urban family shoots! Yeah, they rock! As do YOU!

  • Sara Zeller - OH DEAR!!!!! These are so precious, how will I ever pic my favorites!???? You guys are amazing, I wish I could get married all over again and have you do our wedding, maybe in 2 years for our 10 year!!!

  • Danielle - These are stunning! It looks as though you had so much fun! It’s awesome to see so many shots that truly portray your family – from Jack’s little grin, Sara’s amazing smile, and how Jon loves his family. Well done!

  • Curtis Copeland - Awesome family portraits! You really captured the love of this family in photographs. Nice work!

  • Feuza - I love your work!!! that shot of them kissing and the little boy staring is cute and perfect!

  • ohana photographers - awesome family sesh at the park!!!

How cool is this? Pictage, our fantastic image hosting and fulfillment partner, has featured us on their blog! Emily Engle interviewed us about a month ago, and she has placed our smiling faces on Pictage’s blog in a continuing series of photographer interviews known as “Mingle with Engle”. We are so stoked! 🙂 Click here […]

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  • Emily Engle - SO glad we got to mingle, you two are the bomb!!!! Hope to see you soon.

  • Erin Youngren - You guys rock! I loved your feature – especially Mace’s cameo! Thanks for the PUG love – you guys are always amazing friends and amazing photographers. We love you!

  • Michelle Bellofatto (shell bell) - Lovely job guys! Too many favorites, but I’ll mention a few. Love the clearance shot, so darn creative, family kiss, adorable and the other kiss shot with kiddo on dad’s shoulders. You guys are awesome as always.